Converting 2 line home to 1 line home

Hello the house I bought has 2 separate phone lines which I don't really need and would like to reintegrate them into 1. The juntion box is on the side of my house and appear rather convoluted. Without getting into the details of the configuration too much is there an easy way for me to reintegrate ie attach the second pair of wires to the same terminals as the first ?

Phone company wants 180 bucks to do this seems ridiculously expensive for what should be a relatively simple task.

Any help would be appreciated.

Let me know if I need to describe the box layout better.


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I assume your problem is that some of the jacks in the house are line 2, and some of them are line 1, and that you'd like them all to be on line 1?

Connecting them at the telco box is, in my opinion, a bad idea. I don't know what a 2 line phone would do.. possibly dump the 90v ring signal down another pair in a way that could damage equipment?

If you can, at the phone jacks, swap the pairs. Generally both pair are pulled to each phone jack. L1 jacks are wired with one pair ( Red / Black) in the center, L2 jacks with the other pair (Green / Yellow) in the center. Flipping them at the jacks maintains the wiring integrity in the house.

If each jack only has one pair connected, it would probably be okay to connect them at the box.

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E. Lee Dickinson

Sorry. L1 is Red/Green. L2 is Black/Yellow

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E. Lee Dickinson

Check out this page for the wiring colors:

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Also, see the links at the bottom for more help.

$180 sounds expensive, unless you've got some other problems.

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Thanks I'll give that a try

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