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I recently bought a house where the builder had a basic OnQ home wiring solution installed for 12 telephone outlets. The builder installed: (1) a 1x6 Basic Telecom Module, and (2) a 6-port telcom expansion module. All jacks in the house have a single RJ45, and I can use telephone in all of them, where the line into the house is from ma bell.

I want to use this existing set-up to also get computer access to each of these plugs, where it looks like the OnQ system is wired according to the T568A standard.

The wall plates I can handle, in fact I assume I can leave them alone, and use them for either phone or network.

What I would like to know is: (1) what the "Test Switch" dip-switches on the front of the 6-port module do, (2) what the "Security Test" RJ45 port is for, and (3) recommendations on what to do to make this go smoothly.

Thanks in advance,

Jim (jharlan at iwon dot com)

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It's an OnQ AnyPort design. So, if I understand your question, I plug the RJ11 for a phone into the wall jack that is an RJ45, CAT5e insert. That is wired to a blue 4-pair cable which is inturn home-run to an OnQ box where all 4 pair are punched into a single board that distributes the 4-pair comming in from outside.

Does that answer your question?


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Where do you plug the RJ11 modular connector that is used on the telephone cable?

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