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We have a meridian 11c with a music trunk. It provides music-on-hold for both internal and external calls. The phones are all Nortel M3904 digital phones.

Our users create conference calls using their phones and the PBX. When one of the participants in the conference call puts the call on hold, our on-hold music is played to all the conference participants to their great annoyance.

Is there a key sequence that allows a user to mute their session on the conference so the music-on-hold is not playing for everyone else on the call?

Thanks, Steve

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I don't believe that's posible to avoid. In fact, any phone system would be susceptible unless the conference is going on its own conference bridge. Otherwise there is no way the system can differentiate a conference call (no hold music) from a regular call (play hold music). Have people use "mute" instead of "hold" if all they want is just to get away from their phone for awhile. If they need to take care of another call (which is where "hold" would be unavoidable), have them drop from the conference and then add them back again. It's not that they are going to hear what's going on while they are gone, anyways.

Best Regards, Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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