F986 transfer to Voice Mail with Auto Hold

Hi, I was wondering if any of you ran in to this.

I installed a BCM50, with digital trunking, and I had setup all the phones in the sales department to share SWCA hold buttons, I also turned on INVOKE BY HOLD, which means, anyone putting a call on hold will be put on the first available hold buttons and appear as a held call on all the phones in the sales group.

here is the problem, I cannot use F986!, when I do, the system will prompt me for a Mailbox, however, the call will not be transferred to the MB!

this is probably a bug stemming from the fact that F986 puts the call on hold, but since AUTO INVOIKE BY HOLD is turned don the calls gets parked somehow conflicting with the F986 feature!.

any help or thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated. !

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Harry Fischer
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