Resetting a Compact ICS?

I'm working on a Compact ICS with DR2 software. It's got sixteen station ports -- all work fine with a 7208 -- none work with a 7310 or a 7324 -- so I can't program it.

It has a working ATA port and I can get into the I-RAD with Norstar Remote Utilities, but I don't know the System ID (which, I'm told, is the default password for I-RADs).

F**SYSID times out on the 7208 -- so no luck getting the SYS ID that way.

Is there any way to force this system to "ground zero" so I can get a programming phone to work on it? I notice there is a small hole by the emergency RJ-11 port, is this a reset button of some kind?

The original reason I got roped into looking at this system (via a friend of a friend) is to get the Star Talk Flash (1.7.0) working (and it seems to be fine -- it just can't see the switch). They've been running one phone on this system for about a year. They need a total of five phones and two lines -- would a Norstar 3x8 with DR5 work with this release of Star Talk Flash?

Sorry to be so wordy. Any advice appreciated.


-- RonB

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