Reporting for call center

We have Reporting for call center, version 3. something running on a windows

2000 machine with a 2 gig processor and 256 megs of memory.

The problem is that after the machine has been running for a while, it begins to slow down until it will do almost nothing.

When I check the performance tab in task manager, it tells me that the machine is using all the memory, and that the CPU is running at 100%, this on a machine which is supposedly idle.

When I look at the processes tab, the SQL process seems to be using a lot of CPU resources.

How do I fix this?

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David Hartung
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You said you are on Release 3.0. Is this SCCS or SECC? What patches are you running?

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Not certain, and yes this is a dead give away that I don't know much about this application.

None that I know of.

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