PEPlist causes skewed ACD stats?


Our vendor recently installed a large PEPlist on our Option11C Rls25.40,and now our ACD stats are... strange. We are seeing longest wait times in the

5-800 second range which, given our industry (delivery pizza), does not make sense. The experience of the call centre operators does not hold true for this either (IE: 500+ sec longwait when queues were empty and operators complaining of boredom).

Is there any experience with stats problems caused by: p11061_1.11c* p14186_1.11c* p16000aA.11c* p16000bA.11c* p16000cA.11c* p16000dA.11c* p16000eA.11c* p16000fA.11c* p16001aA.11c* p16001bA.11c* p16001cA.11c* p16002aA.11c* p16002bA.11c* p16003aA.11c* p16003bA.11c* p16004aA.11c* p16004bA.11c* p16007aA.11c* p16007bA.11c* p16007cA.11c* p16007dA.11c* p16007eA.11c* p16007fA.11c* p16008aA.11c* p16070_1.11c* p17159_1.11c* p17193a2.11c* p17193b2.11c* p17193c2.11c* p18852_2.11c*



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Jeff Pratt
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