Nortel Cisco Connectivity Issue

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The architecture is that i am using a Nortel Passport 2430 Router for a

256 Kbps leased line for internet connectivity and further i have a contivity 600. The DOT side Cisco AS 7200 Router is used. Further from cisco E1 line is terminated to a E1 modem and converted into a HDSL line and in turn is connected to a V.35 modem and finally terminated to our serial interface. In the Cisco router 4 time slots are dedicated to us for 256 Kbps line speed.

Initially I have configured the Serial Interface of Passport 2430 Router with the IP which we have bought from the service provider. And I have changed the Clock Source to 256000, because it is a 256 Kbps leased line. At that time the serial is not up and I have not received any response from the Cisco router. Then I suspected that there may be a problem with the framing in the modem. Then I called up the Cygnus modem technical support guy and with his help I configured framing as PCM31 with No CRC. I have configured the Time Slots too in the modem.

Then the Serial is up and the LCP too. But IPCP is down. The "show ip interface" shows that the serial interface is down. Then the DOT person told me that his router is doing AAA Authentication with Radius Server. So we agreed to configure PAP Authentication and we did.

After that the authentication phase is completed and IPCP is up. The "show ip interface" shows that the serial interface is up, but I cannot ping the remote interface which contains a static IP

If anyone is intrested in solving this issue then i can send the configuration and log file.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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Ananda Ramesh
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