NET ID or other IP address management

How many people using NET ID ?

And if not What (if) other IP addresses management tools are being used and how would you rate them ?

I am looking into what other choices I would have other than NetID product that I am currently using.

I was hoping to find an opensource product (do not mind paying something and for support if a supported version avialable, hopefully something that does not use oracle or other high priced database, perfer SQL on Linux.

I just need basic IP address management, would like to have administrative zones but could live without, also like the template function of NetID.

Would like to be able to tie in DNS (and DDNS) and possible DHCP although can live without the DHCP support.

Thanks for any help.... MC

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Search around for "netreg"; you will find multiple open source products by that name that should fit your requirements.

My personal preference is for the one maintained by CMU (which I contribute to now and then). It's not trivial to set up, but is very feature rich, written in perl, uses mysql for its backend, and generates configuration files for ISC DHCPD and BIND.

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Frank Sweetser

Thanks very much, I will give that a try MC

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