MICS 7.0 and PRI problem

Need some help installing a full PRI into a new MICS with DID targets and incoming and outbound calling. Bought the PRI enabler, entered the keycodes and seemed to take. But cannot see the PRI. Card keeps blinking green. We are pretty sure the settings for ESF, Wink, Digit length etc are correct but must be overlooking something. Any ideas? Thanks

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Big Rich
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Are you sure the Pri is up? Did you change the trunk type from COT to DID or whatever for the 23 B channels. Or the card type in maint.

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Although your telco may tell you the PRI is up, there could still be some issues between the CO and your site. If you're sure your settings are good, call the Telco and have them do a loopback test both through your equipment and to their demarc

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