Remote Desktop with Contivity VPN Client?

I'm running Nortel Contivity VPN client v04_86.102 and Windows XP Pro with SP2. I need to use Remote Desktop from my primary laptop to control the computer which is running the Nortel Contivity VPN client, however as soon as I start the Nortel Contivity VPN client, the Remote Desktop connection drops and cannot be reestablished while the VPN client is running. Both systems are on the same local LAN.

I searched the forums and didn't see a fix for my particular issue. I don't think I can configure "split tunneling" because my client doesn't have a option to configure a group network profile.

Please advise how I can use Remote Desktop with the Nortel Contivity VPN client.

Thanks much.

Gary Grathen Ormond Beach, FL

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Gary Grathen
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It is normal behavior for you to lose your local-LAN connectivity when the VPN client is activated. I believe that you will need to talk to your network nazis and see about the possibility of having split tunnelling enabled for your user account. For some orgs, split tunneling is strictly taboo, so good luck.


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Thanks for the advice. I'll followup with them but won't hold my breath :-)

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