Installation of the Contivity VPN Client Driver failed

In an attempt to install VPN on home pc (XP PRO), I encountered 3 errors:

1) The software you are installing for hardware Nortel IPSECSHM Adaptor has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with XP. then 2) The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file. then.. 3) Installation of the Contivity VPN Client Driver failed...

I contacted my companies help desk and they sent me VPN Client version

4.65. I then tried to install it. I no longer got error message #2 above , but still received #1 & #3.

Based on the other postings, I think I can ignore message #1 as it is really informational. However, message #3 seems to be hosing me up. I can't get past it. I have done this with Norton's turned off and Windows Firewall off.

I also read one posting directing the user to use DOS commands to uninstall the product (in C:\\Program Files\\InstallShield Installation Information\\{....} setup.exe uninstall. However in following this, it prompted me for the location of which did not exists in this directory. So I was unable to go furhter.

Furthermore, in C:\\Program Files I did find a Nortel folder with one dll which I deleted by hand. There was nothing for Nortel in my registry that I could see and there was no Nortel program to uninstall using Control Panel - add Remove programs.

My work is providing this software as our way to get into the intranet. I am having a problem that apparently most at my work never encounter.

Please help & much thanks!


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Tim stated that, although he is installing on his 'home' pc, his OS is WinXP Pro, which does indeed support domain access and other required networking pieces.

My suggestion is to install the Contivity software to another folder and/or another machine, in order to get a total inventory of what the .cab files are installing and where. Perhaps your IT guys can provide this. Then, with that list of files in hand, manually search and destroy each and every installed file, then restart and make sure all your network settings are still working properly before installing again.

As many on this newsgroup can attest, installing any VPN client software can really become a nasty mess when things don't happen exactly as they should. Things can go so wrong that your entire OS gets hosed and has to be reinstalled. Fortunately, unbinding, uninstalling and reinstalling NIC drivers and sometimes other components often remedies the situation too.

Just proceed slowly and thoroughly, and you should get through this otherwise unscathed. Good luck.

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J. McGoggin

Would installing Contivity on a Win XP Home machine cause the machine to be non-functional? I have a Contivity client that uses Fiberlink Global Remote and whenever I install the package, all of the system resources are used up and I can run nothing. Until I saw this message, I was thinking that there was an incompatibility with the Athlon 64.

I previously ran these older versions if these packages on a P3 running WindowsME with no problem.

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Can't say for sure, but it seems *much* more likely a compatibility issue with XP Home or your other netwokring components than with Athlon. After all, Microsoft doesn't support any kind of serious WAN networking with XP Home.


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J. McGoggin

Does anyone know what kind of check I can do to determine if the problem is related to the networking components rather than the OS? I would happily upgrade the OS if I knew that would solve my problem.

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