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Hi Guys and Gals....

Does anyone know if there is a way on OTM to forward "0" to a dn?

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Kendal Emery
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Hi Kendal,

I don't know what you exactly mean, but when you want a DN that starts with a zero ( for example 099 ) in your PBX. That is not possible.


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I think what he may mean is an alternate attendant. Although I can't be sure.

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Assuming you have 1250 or 2250 type consoles that answer 0 "AND" you want all of the other calls they get forwarding too. (if you only want

0 to forward, that's near end of post.

OTM is just a colorful and accurate typist you instruct to perform changes. It in turn, types the old fashioned way into a raw TTY it connects to.

The place to start is LD21, PRT, type ATTN. Look for the NIT1 thru NIT4 prompts. Those can be populated with the DN(s) that ring when the console presses the "NITE" button. You can specify that "during working hours, calls ring XXXX, but during some other hours, calls ring YYYY. To get familiar, find the "Night Service" feature in one of the three "Features and Services" books. (probably book 3 of 3)

------------------------ If "0" is all you want to change, take another look at the ATTN printout you did in the last paragraph. You'll see "ATDN". That's where "0" is defined as Operator. You can LD15 CHG the ATDN to some random - 4 digit unused number, for example, 1234. Then the DN 0 becomes free to assign where you want. Either create a Phantom TN or an ACD Queue - the DN (or ACDN if ACD) = 0, then the DCFW (or NCFW if ACD) will be the extension you wish "0" to be forwarded to. Alternatively, just add a KEY XX SCR 0 to the victims phone.

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Where I said PRT ATTN - you actually type ATT and it will open the proper section of the Customer Data Block

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