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System is up and running. We want to add a Voice Mailbox for 72 (Service) but I understand groups cannot have mailboxes. How can we add a mailbox so when you press 72 and rings 6 times the call goes to Voice Mail? And/or Turn Voicemail on / off as needed? We have calling groups setup:

71 for Parts (4 Extensions) 72 for Service (2 Extensions) 73 for Sales (3 Extensions) 74 for Acct. (4 Extensions) Lucent Partner ACS 3.0 ASA/DXD Partner Mail VS R5 2-Port 3x308EC

Thanks in Advance Greg

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Use spare extension and line ports.

Remove all line assignments from an extension, and loop it to a line port. Include the extension in the calling group, and use Line Ownership or Call Coverage to direct the "line" to a mailbox. Remember that it is one call at a time.

Or, upgrade to Partner Messaging, where you CAN add mailboxes for the Calling Groups.

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