problem with NAM vm box

Norstar MICS R2.0 Norstar VM 4-port (8 ch) R3.0

We want the vm to act like one big answering machine (one mailbox to catch all calls when no one is in the office), so I set up one vm box for ext 221, mailbox 221. I told the ext to forward to ext 253 (the first vm DN), I told the vm to not answer any lines. The mailbox is set up, configured, I can access it, leave messages, etc. However, when I fwd ext 221 to vm, the AA picks up after one ring and says, "The person you are calling is not available." Then I can't find the mailbox in the directory.

Why is the vm answering the call immediately?

What info have I left out?


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The vm is answering the call immediately because you are forwarding ext

221 to vm > Norstar MICS R2.0
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