BCM 400 VNC Password?

Can anyone please tell me the default BCM password for VNCing to it?

We are trying to install an upgrade to 3.7 and E drive has insufficient HD space... even though after telneting we see there is 19+GB available on the E drive...

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance...

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VNC password automatically changed everyday. You have to call Nortel Support to have the password.


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Nortel locked VNC as of rls 3.5 and you now need to call NTS to gain a VNC unlocking code. You will not be able to start the winvnc service until you have this code. This code needs to be generated based on time / date and sysid. Once you have this code you need to use the command line to enter:

vncunlock net start winvnc

Then you can use vnc viewer / web client (http://:5800) to access the BCM. The VNC password has also changed, it is now ud1C2q5K as apposed to TeirGR8

My advice is to gain a vnc unlock code, write it down along with the date you had it generated, then each time you need VNC alter the date on the system back to the date you had the code generated. Once you have finished, put the date back to normal.

On the other hand, if you ask me nicely I will send you the VNC unlock registry hack which will permanently unlock VNC on any BCM200/400/1000 running 3.5 or newer (excluding 4.0 when released). It works, I've tested it.

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Sorry guys but I no longer have the patch :-(

Stop emailling me!!


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