Wireless Network problem

Hi all,

Wonder if someone could give me some guidance on a problem I'm having?

I have a Safecom Wireless LAN USB adapter (model SWLUZ-5400) and had it

running on my Win XP SP2 machine quite happily for months. I then had some hard drive issues, and have basically re-installed Windows over the old partition. Now I've also re-installed the driver and ZDWlan software for the USB adapter, I can't get the wireless connection working.

Previously, I used the ZDWlan software to manage the Wireless connectivity, which is what I planned ot do here. However, then damn Windows icon in my system tray persists in trying to connect too. Hence, both keep connecting, then immediately dropping, connecting, dropping etc.

I've disabled the Wireless Zero Config service, rebooted, re-installed ZDWlan, rebooted etc, but can't get the blighter to stop!

One thing to note here, when I say re-install, I actually have a situation where Drive No1 has 4 partitions, and I've only re-installed over my old C:\\ partition. The first time I ran ZDWlan, it still had the WPA key for my network, so I'm beginning to think there may be a full re-install on the horizon - I'd really rather not do that though, if at all possible.

Any ideas please? Go on, put me out of my misery...

Thanks in advance

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Solved it - I uninstalled the third party software and reverted to using just the drivers from the CD provided and let Windows manage the wireless connection

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