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I have a client who is planning to move their call centre staff off Octel and onto CallPilot.

In addition to standard voice mail / messaging they are very keen to utilize many of the call treatment features in CallPilot (day, date, time control, auto-attendant). What I'm wondering is there any comparable products on the market that will integrate will with Nortel CS1000/Symposium architecture ?

thanks for your help !

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As far as integration you will not find any better alternative than the CallPilot solution, especially with CCM (Symposium). This is because the CallPilot solution communicates with the CS1000 over a proprietary AML link. Other voicemail solutions will only integrate via dialogic ports that emulate Nortel digital telephones and utilize the emulated display to interpret the caller information. Furthermore, the CallPilot solution is the only voice mail solution (Meridian Mail is MD) that will integrate directly with CCM (Symposium) to provide IVR and ACCESS (voice segment) connectivity. I've had the (mis)fortune of integrating several different third party voice mail solutions with a CS1000 (including Octel) and in all cases there are integration/flexibility issues that potentially arise.

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