X10 Security Console Delay/Arm

The first two DS7000 X10 security consoles I have owned allowed a 60 second delay arming when hitting the arm button at the console. I needed another unit because the battery backup stopped working (seemed coincident with an electrical storm) and no longer does the arm button at the console arm the system in delay mode. Whatever remote was used to disarm the system last, determines how the system will arm from the button at the console. I.e., if I used a security remote set to max, the console would arm in delay, but if I disarmed last with a keychain remote, the console will arm instantaneously the next time.

X10 replaced the unit twice, but all 3 have exhibited this behavior which is contrary to their user documentation and with my experience with the 2 prior units. Their must have been a firmware change to the console. Anyone have similar experience?

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