Controlling Ceiling Light That Has 2 Switches?

I've got some X10 appliance modules.

Also have a ceiling light in the rec room that occasionally gets left on all night just out of carelessness.

I'd like to put an X10 module in somewhere and have an mControl event turn it off unconditionally at, say, 11 pm.

Problem is that there are two wall switches, each with more than two wires and my understanding (and X10 modules) stops at two wires.

Is there a way?

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I did the same thing by replacing the wall switches. They make one specifically for a single circuit controlled by two switches. Of course this does not help you use up your extra appliance modules.

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David White

Yes, use 3-way X-10 switches. If they're 3-way switch in there now it could be a simple change.

For an in-use room it might be problematic to use an automatic shut off schedule. You run afoul of turning off the lights just as someone's walking across the room or on stairs. Whoops. I used a motion sensor to help decide if it was OK to kill the lights. If motion had been detected within the last 5 minutes it would postone the shut-off. Kept the system from snapping the lights off on me just as I was walking up the steps with my hands full.

-Bill Kearney

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