UR74 X-10 "5-in-1" Learning remote

Anyone out there using these? I'd like to switch up from the 8-in-1 UR24 to the nice, new shiny silver UR74A model (mostly for DVD controls) and wonder if there are any gotchas. I already noticed that aside from 3 fewer devices to control, it lacks a "shift" key to define two functions for each key. It also doesn't mention anything about being backlit. That would be a real pain for me if I upgraded from remotes that did have a backlight to ones that didn't. I've found there's almost guaranteed low SAF for any technology that takes away something useful.

The manual also seems to indicate the same old "learns only 3 device codes" problem of the UR24 although the newer one alleges to have sufficient memory to learn 50 new buttons, something I'm pretty sure the old UR24s couldn't do. Has anyone really "learned" one of the newer remotes "to the max?" I know that the UR24s weren't able to learn very many new codes before the dread "triple blink" occurred and it wouldn't accept any more codes.


-- Bobby G.

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