Upgrade KT7 motherboard


1.) Try Newegg.com or gameve.com for your processor, they usually have great prices and if something does go wrong they are very responsive with their RMA processes.

2.) I would not use eBay for a used processor- that is just a personal preference. Others may feel very comfortable with it.

3.) I use the Zalman CNPS7000B CPU cooling fan. They are very nice and quiet, but a bit of hassle to install.

4.) 512 RAM should suffice unless you are planning on gaming., however for regular Internet use and watching videos, listening to music etc.. that should not be a problem.

Cheers, Harris C

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Newbe question: I have a KT7 socket A motherboard that I am running Win 98SE with. I want to upgrade without buying new motherboard. Current processor is Athlon 750 mhz.. Want to upgrade so I can dump win 98SE and be able to run XP. I have 512 mb ram and am only using two of the three slots. Have PC 133 DIMM memory.

KT7 manual says it will take up to a 1.4 ( 100/133FSB) The current 750mz has a heat sync and a fan, current fan is very noisy.

Friends have recommend the Athlon 1.4 - seen various places most often with 266hz, i am also told 2x133 FSB = 266 is OK, true?

1) any suggestions on where I might buy an Athlon 1.4 on the web (other than Ebay)?

2) If I do use Ebay, what are the pitfalls to look out for? Is buying a used processor a good idea?

3) How do I find out which heat sync and fan the I need to get for the 1.4(hopefully a quieter fan), where do I buy them?

4) should i upgrade to 1024mb ram to run XP or is the 512 sufficent.


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