Strange PCS behavior

I just redid my house with PCS switches. They all work fine except for one.

This one switch works fine manually and also works fine via a X10 maxi type controller. But it will not work with one of the PCS 8 button wall controllers. I have the wall controller button programmed to toggle mode 2.

I can get remote control the switch via any other circuit (using a maxi-controller) and the PCS eight button switch is on the same circuit as the faulty switch.

This odd switch also works fine with the older keypadlinc 8 button units.

I have tried different buttons on the unit and it works fine when the same button is programmed to another switch and the faulty switch still does not work if I use a different button on the PCS 8 button unit.

I suspect that the tollerances are probably just out of spec such that when the 8 button unit sends D6-ON they are too close where as the maxi controller has plenty of time between the D6 and the ON.

I guess I can swap it out with another PCS switch. I hate to do it but I guess I'll have to byte the bullet. It takes a long time to get these PCS switches packed into a j-box with the 4 or 5 extra wirenuts.

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