X-10 Maxi Controller Strange Behavior

I have an old SC503 X-10 Maxi Controller. Its main use is for me to press "all off" when going to bed at night. Recently, it stopped sending the all-off command. However, I can still send commands to individual modules. For example, pressing "6", "7", "off" works fine, but pressing "all off" does nothing. (The bedroom lights happen to be D6 & D7). That makes it sound like the problem is the switch itself, but the indicator LED still operates normally so the switch must still work.

Any ideas? Pat

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I always suspect line noise first, since the controllers seem to last forever. Try moving the controller to another outlet (preferably on the same circuit as the devices to be controlled). Remove any compact fluorescent/LED bulbs you may have installed recently. IE make darn sure, in an optimal signal setting, the controller is indeed bad.

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Paul H

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