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Depending on the dimming level, my incandescent bulbs squeal at different pitches. Now that there are a dozen of them in the house, the place sounds like a bit of a choir... Are some bulbs better for dimming applications, or should I just turn up the music? Thanks! James

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The more they're dimmed the more they resonate. A few things to try. Look for 130 volt (long life) bulbs. They have a heavier filament. Try lower wattage bulbs, they don't have to be dimmed as much. Try different brands. Look at a brand's clear bulbs to see how the filament is supported - the frosted ones should have the same if the same brand. The more support the less noise. It's trial and error and NOT related to price. Some of the 25 cent cheapies have been the quitetest of all. Westinghouse bulbs seem to be on the noisy side.

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