LED bulbs that work with dimmers?

Just curious: Does anyone make an LED lightbulb that has internal
circuits designed to work and play well with the typical X10 based
dimmer switch?
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Tom Horsley
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The tek-tite is carrying the vivid LED light... I have a couple and hate them. The are cold blue tint, very much the look of older flourescent lights. I searched quite awhile and finally found a site that has alternative "warmer" led lights. Just got a couple from them this last Monday and they definitely are a much "wamer" coloring. More acceptable in my mind.
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The prices are pretty reasonable. I choose to use the LED lights because I have a hutch with the little spot lights in them and was going through the bulbs constantly because the automation system was cycling the power in the morning and evening. I'd spend $40/year on the darn bulbs burning out -- for little 15 Watt bulbs! The led bulbs cost about $15, use about 2 Watts. They can dim, but you will see flicker.... dimmers change the duty cycle for the bulb and it makes a 50/60hz strobing more apparent.
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My first couple of LED lightbulbs were bought from ccrane. Price was not as good as you can find elsewhere.. but my biggest complaint with the LED lights is the color hue. Ccrane has lowered prices... some.
The vivid lights that I bought have a very "COLD" blue tint. The best comparision is the hue of a "cold" flourescent light. I found the color to be very harsh and hard too look at. But then that is my personal preference. The good news is you can get the lights in both 120V and 12V models. So for people wishing to run cabins, outhouses, etc off solar lights -- the LED bulbs would be a really good choice.
Also I found that the actual power comsumption claims might be correct -- but I don't believe the equivalent light output is very accurate. But that may also a result of my seeing cold blue light as not as bright as warm yellow light... I'd rate a 15W LED light as only producing the equivalent of a 10W incandescent light... I have not done any real light meter readings... so again it might simply be my bias against the cold blue tint....
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