Wiring for automatic window blinds and security

Anyone have any advice for how to terminate the wires for security and powered window blinds? I'm renovating a house and the walls are all open, I want to wire it so that sometime in the future I could provide power for the blinds and a location to connect the security sensors to the windows. I'm thinking about placing a plain old junction box near the top to the side of each window. I can't go on top because of the window headers. I plan to run a home run of cat5e and 3 wire bell wire to each window. Concerns are the appearance of the junction box on each window (I guess if painted to match the wall it wouldn't be too bad) and I'm looking for alternative ideas. Also, the cat5e is for window sensors, blind control and maybe others like IR receivers or nanny cam. Is it better to just forget the blinds and go for only security and hide the wires? Should I run any other wires? Thanks, Rob

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