Re: how to control my central heating by phone?

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 00:41:04 +0000, a particular chimpanzee named The Natural Philosopher randomly hit the keyboard and produced:

Ther rest, as they say, is software...Nothing a few weeks with a c >compiler won't sort. > >If you get a fixed IP address you don't benee teh modem. Set up a web >server online at haome and controlk your whole house from patagonia.

Not being familiar with c complier IMBW, but would it not be essential to type in the correct language? You seem to be typing here in a different one to English; "benee teh modem"? Or maybe this is what c complier looks like;-).

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Hugo Nebula
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If the OP is still looking :-

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Regards Jeff

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c (source,code){ looks(like) && this(); } the (compiler){ is = what(turns * it); into (machine < code); }

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