OmniPro II 2 minute delay on Thermostat?

I'm an end user simply programing my system from the OmniTouch. I wrote two programs that did the following. if zone1 is not ready then thermostat1 turns off. if zone1 is ready then thermostat1 turn on.

I would like to expand on this but don't know how. How can I put a two minute delay in the first program. So in other words if zone1 is not ready, count down two minutes then turn off thermostat1.

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If you are using an HAI thermostat then I believe this can be accomplished through Anticipator setting. To do this with OPII programming you are going to need to use Flags. Also suggest using HAI PC Access for programming system -- much much easier than through OmniTouch. wrote:

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You could use a flag for this, something like: if zone1 is not ready then delayflag on for 2 minutes when delayflag not ready then thermostat1 off

I don't have access to my docs right now so the syntax is probably wrong on the above, but you get the idea. It's been a while since I looked, but HAI used to have a document called Programming 101 on their web site. It's a good introduction to programming if you can track it down.


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