networked thermostat?

I am looking for a thermostat that I can integrate and control through my home network. I want a interface much like the linksys router ( a web site to edit the settings). The thermostat needs to be configurable like a programmable thermostat but able to change the programming though an internal web page. if any one has a product with something like this, please let me know. or if you know of a resource (ie web site, book, etc) that will be helpful in making this thermostat from scratch, please let me know. I appreciate any help. thanks. Denny

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I'd look at the Honeywell T7350 Lon Based Thermostat. This is a standalone Thermostat with a Lon interface. This can allow for many different possibilities. I'm installing a W7750B Heat Pump Controller in my house with a TAC 511 Web interface. When your thinking HVAC or open standards, BACNet or Lon are the only ways to go.

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