Non-latching X10-compatible appliance module?

Is anyone aware of an X10-compatible appliance module whick does NOT have a latching relay? The desired characteristic is to have the module return to and remain in the Off state in the event of a temporary interruption of AC power.

Lacking such a module, it occurred to me that an X-10 LM15A "Socket Rocket" might be used provided the load was small enough ( < 1 Amp ) and the output voltage waveform close enough to sinusoidal to avoid problems with inductive or switching loads. I'm thinking here of small wall-wart power supplies, which may either be transformers or electronic circuits.

(The LM15A has no dimming capability nor load sensing, so would hopefully avoid the possible disaster which could occur if a regular lamp module were used for this purpose and inadvertently dimmed.)

Comments or opinions anyone?

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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Charles Sullivan
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I have some X-10 appliance modules that don't seem to latch, BUT after a power outage they all come ON.

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Nick Hull

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