Is special X10 companion switch required for 3/4-way X10 circuits

I have several 3- and 4-way switches in my house that I want to enable with X10.

Sites like and Leviton suggest using an X10 controller for one end and then using special X10 companion switches for the other switches.

I spoke to someone at tech support at one of the X10 vendors and he confirmed my suspicion that you can use regular 3- or 4-way switches for everything but the controller at one end.

e.g., For 3-way:

[X10 3-way master] [Standard 3-way]

For 4-way:

[X10 3-way master] [Standard 4-way] [Standard 3-way]

The above makes sense electrically since only switch needs to be controlled remotely. Can anybody confirm that indeed one can use standard (and cheaper) 3/4 way switches for everything but the master?

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Jeffrey J. Kosowsky
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