Need some help with a weird ticking noise...

Hi guys!

I have about four AF120 filters around my house. They work amazing, and in the past six months since I installed them, I have had no stray signals at all! I am thrilled with my X10 installation.

However, a bizarre thing started happening yesterday -- I wonder if any of you have any ideas. (Is Dave still around?! :) )

All the filters tick rapidly when my furnace turns on! I have an electric furnace/heat pump combo.

All of a sudden, when the furnace goes on.. tickticktick... quite rapidly, in a seemingly random patern. A good 4 ticks per second... almost sounds like those electronic UV bug zappers on a humid summer day!

Any ideas what's up?

It's pretty funny that it's ALL FOUR AF120s! I guess they are not defective.

Ideas are welcome!



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Michael G.
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Hi all!

Well, I just wanted to let you know that the ticking stopped!

That was the weirdest thing.

For one day, it kept ticking, and now it's perfectly fine!


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