sony STR-DG600 receiver - ticking noise problem

I received a new Sony STR-DG600 for my birthday and it seems like a great receiver but I'm getting a ticking noise from the speakers on all inputs and on front and surround speakers. I've tried unhooking everything systematically from the rear to troubleshoot but no dice. I also tried hooking up a speaker to the B input to check that but still heard it. I do have a powered sub where the signal goes from receiver to the sub on regular speaker wires and then to the speakers but I bypassed that when hooking to speaker B inputs, still heard the noise.

This is my 2nd unit, took first back for exchange b/c of this problem. Same problem although the noise is less noticeable but definitely still there. I have a Sony HDTV and would like to listen in great new surround on this receiver but am at my wit's end. My old Yamaha had the same exact setup and had no problem. Any suggestions or similar problems? Thanks, Drew

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I was wondering if you have tried connecting your system to a power conditioning unit. If not, you should give it a try I have found that when you clean up the power it will stop many noise issues. Thanks, Ken

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With headphones, too?

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