need help with multihoming

Hi, Can anyone help me with mutlihoming. I am trying to setup a T-1 and a DSL from 2 different ISP"S for redundancy in my network. I have 2600 with me and I am not sure if I need a CSU/DSU for this setup. I have one already in place for my T1 from Verizon but I am concerned for my DSL from the other ISP. Can someone help me with it. Thanks Munira

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Munira Popat
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Ask the ISP who is going to provide the DSL service if they suolly a DSL modem with the service

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Hi Munira,

Dr. Vincent C. Jones, PE

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is the author of the Addison-Wesley Professional Book Article:

Multi-Homing--Connecting to Two ISPs

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Which may be of help to you.


Brad Reese

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