Low voltage dimmer

I have a 600w magnetic 120V - 12V transformer that has 2 - 300 W 12V circuits that I plan to use for lighting. I would like to control the

2 load 12V sides independently. Is there a comercial dimmer (X-10 or eqivalent) that will control the LV load side? If not a dimmer, is there a remote switch that will do it?


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Please give us a few more specifics.

What's your application? One of the biggest advantages of low voltage is that you can use DC power from batteries. Is that your intention? If so, TRIAC-based dimmers like those used in most conventional dimmers won't work. Like the X-10 signal itself, they need AC.

Or are you using low voltage for safety or other reasons?

Or a new-fashioned fixtures and lamps with (eg) exposed conductors that have become fashionable. I think they'll be neato at least for a while ;-)

If it's just because you have the transformer, you might reconsider.

In the US, the National Electrical Code (NEC) allows for 'interesting' configuration of low-voltage ( =

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