relay to control line voltage device with low voltage switch?

I need to control an appliance (120V 10A) using a controller designed to switch low voltage device. So I need to add a relay in-between.

Is there any pre-packaged relay that includes a low voltage output (that can be used to power the relay), a 3-prong power cord, and a 3-prong outlet?

I found something called "honeywell switching relay" that seems close to what I need but doesn't have a power cord or a 3-prong outlet. Although I can wire those items myself, I prefer a unit that comes with them. Any suggestions?

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I'm not 100% certain from your post exactly what you want. There are plenty of pre-packaged switching devices on the market. Two well-known brands are ELK Products and Altronix.

If you can be more specific perhaps I or some of the others here can offer some advice.

Will your device need to switch the appliance on when there is a low voltage input, a high voltage input, or both?

Will the appliance then be switched off upon loss of the low voltage inut (obvioulsly if the high-voltage goes the appliance stops, too)?

Following are examples of low-voltage switching boards from ELK Products and Altronix. I no longer carry ELK Products. I do sell Altronix so I might tend to have a bias, but the only issue for you is what will do the job.

ELK Products (competitor's website):

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the best of my knowledge Smarthome is an honest company but they're my competition so of course I hope you'll look at our offering as well.

Altronix (my website):

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I carry the entire Altronix line. I haven't finished entering the descriptions so here are links to Altronix for a more complete description:
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?pid=2&model_num=RAC24 Hope that helps.

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Robert L Bass

You don't explain what you're going to use for controlling the relay. What sort of appliance is on the switched AC circuit? Some handle control like this better than others, some not very well at all.

Russound and Niles also make controllable AC outlet switches. They typically use a 12v signal to control the AC outlet. I've got a Russound unit that controls an amp for outside speakers. The control system closes the DC circuit and activates the AC outlet.

Given the risks associated with 120vac it would probably be a good idea to use an off-the-shelf, UL listed sort of device.


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Bill Kearney

Might be worthwhile to find or figure the current needed, too. Switching a quarter amp is a WHOLE bunch different that switching 25A :-)

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Dave Merriman

OK, that's relatively easy.

Not in general, no. 'low voltage device' can mean ANYTHING, Do you mean some logic system with 5V power? Some kind of switch that will blow up if there's a spark? A gizmo that might touch wet skin, and that must be grounded for safety? Is it the wire connecting to the relay required to have some specific voltage limits?

My finger flicking a light switch is an input, and it qualifies as low voltage if I haven't shuffled on the carpet...

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