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Hi! I'm very new to X-10 and just bought a starter kit to control a flourescent light I have because the ads said it would work on an appliance doesn't.

I'm trying to get a AM466 to run a flourescent light. I've done the modification to turn-off local control by cutting the trace which helps it stay in the so-called off position, but the module still supplies a small amount of voltage out which causes the light to pulse (blink) in the off position. I'm not sure if there is a mod, or it's not clear to me, that would actually make the AM466 be totally off when in the off position.

The light in question is a 13W flourescent performance light from Home Depot.

Any help identifying what I need to do would be greately appreciated.

Regards, Keith

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"kviator" wrote in news:1133567343.770938.73390

The answer depends somewhat on what modification you actually performed.

There is a mod that disconnects the sensing needed for local control. I suspect that this is what you did. In this case, there is still a small current supplied by the module to support the sensing function. This current will charge up the circuitry in your flourescent lamp sufficiently so that it can blink on periodically.

There is a better modification (look for it, I don't have the reference) that disconnects the current for the local sense function. This will both disable the local sense function AND eliminate the current that is causing your lamp to blink.

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