1132 Weirdness

I have an 1132CU controlling my x10 stuff. This one problem has me stumped completely. I have the following programmed:

If M7 (x10 motion detector dusk function) turns ON then, turn ON N1 (no delay) wait 20 minutes; then turn on N6 wait 25 minutes; then dim N3 to 55% wait 35 minutes; then turn ON N5 wait 40 minutes; then turn ON N10

This all works, except for the dim N3 to

55%. It does dim it, however, only a little bit, maybe to 90 or 95%. I have made the following "test macros" to test this function:

If N12 turns ON then, wait 5 seconds; then dim N3 to 55%

and it works flawlessly when I manually do the N12 ON. It does indead dim to 55%.

Anyone have any idea why, when the motion detector sends out an M7 ON, the dim doesn't work correctly. This one's driving me nuts! Could it be some kind of bug in the 1132 that doesn't like multiple housecodes?

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Art Todesco
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