Shallow x10 modules...

Ok, for the first time in years, I wanted to add an X10 wall switch. And to be honest, I forgot how "deep" they were. It was in a 3 gang box, and it took me 1/2 an hour to get the wires such that I could mount it.

Does anyone make a shallow X10 decura switch? (relay or dimmer)

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J Miller
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Sometimes it's just faster to rip out the box and replace it with a deeper one.

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Bill Kearney

The new Insteon units are pretty shallow. But I usually have more issues with the width of units than the depth. A 1.5 inch J box with a .5 inch mud plate gives you 2 inches of depth (plenty for Insteon). But the switches use absolutely all the available width for a single slot device so you have no wiggle room side to side next to adjacent switches, IOW they all have to touch in a typical ganged box. Whereas a mechanical switch is about .25 inch narrower so you can wiggle the wallplate on easily if you have many switches in there.

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