dimmer to variable DC interface

Does anyone know of a reasonably simple circuit that can take a typical dimmer output and create a DC output from 0 to 24 volts?

This would be used to drive a particular LED board that is designed for

24VDC, dims to almost off at 3VDC.
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Bill a light dimmer cant be used in such a way cause light dimmer dont really dim the voltage level, it only chop part of the syn wave leaving only a fraction of the total power passing in the load, creating the effect of dimming an normal light..

What you need is a variable power supply, that can be set from 3 to 24 volt dc..

but can you be more precise of what you want to acheive? cause I am not sure of your goal, do you need a 24 volt source to be set at 3 volt permanently?

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