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Nice web site! Lots of great ideas and implementations. Thank YOU.

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RF Dude
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Slightly related to the thread 'Emergency Water Turnoff'...

I built a sensor that monitors my water meter and allows my home automation system to track water usage by my home.

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The new stuff starts here:
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Software in the home automation system displays a graph of water usage and flags anomalous conditions such as:

- leaking/dripping faucet in the system.

- irrigation valve left open.

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Dr. Edward Cheung

On Sun, 29 May 2005 10:40:44 GMT, "Dr. Edward Cheung" wrote (with possible editing):

Nice ideas, Dr. Ed, particularly the nice use of the comparator. I'm considering doing something similar here but under different conditions. We have a well (no current metering) and do home automation mostly through an HAI OmniPro II. I would "and" the away flag so that monitoring is used primarily to detect leakage when we are away from our home. I.e., monitoring water flow to detect constant low water usage or intermittent high water usage. I already have floor mounted water sensors in the laundry room and pump room. I guess I'll look to see what's available in low voltage water flow sensors...


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L. M. Rappaport


I'm in a similar situation. Please post if you find something that works for you.

I've looked at adding a water meter to my well... Ideally I'd like to meter landscaping, barn and house seperately. I'm hesitant because of cost (25gpm meters aren't cheap), functionality, and I'm a bit leery of gov't interference like they recently tried to do when I added a backflow preventer to my sprinkler system. Seems they think they can do anything once you make it technically feasible for them.


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