Dual Water Meter Question

For years I have heard that if you have 2 meters, you don't have to pay sewer fees on your water bill for the one hooked to a pool or irrigation system. How do you get set up for a second meter? Thanks, Joe

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If you want an answer to that question, call your water company.

In my county, sewer fees are assessed on the property tax bill, not the water bill. BTW, our local water company charges a base monthly rate of approx. $12 for each meter. The water usage is metered at $1.99 CCF. One CCF = 748 gal.

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Jack Ak

Depends on your water company. Most won't do it unless you have a farm. They tell you that irrigation and pools are already "factored in" to the rate calcs. Some will give you a one time break if you tell them you're filling the pool. In my case, I'd love a second meter since the sewer rate is higher than the water rate!

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