Hi- what is considered the standard quality home controller of choice? JDS Stargate or other?

I'm about to move to a wreck of a place - it's going to need electrics rewiring and plastering. I'd like to create a versatile infrastructure capable of fitting in with some form of a home automation system.

I'm currently thinking of running a couple of cat5 cables to each room as well as the new electrics. Also at least stereo input feed to each room and one mic feed from each room to a central controller - have heard about the JDS Stargate system. something like that.

Maybe there are better systems around now... I want to eventually have a system of at least X10, maybe one of the more proprietary systems around. I want to be able to automate a lot of functions in my home. I would like to have thumbprint biometrics and role-based access and voice control to the various functions of my home.

What would people here recommend as the best current 'controller' for a home automated house that I'd like to have?

And what would anyone here suggest to me in terms of cable/conduit laying, general design and which system to go for?

Also what sort of budget would I be looking at? I used to be network support, and would be more than happy to buy a crimper and make my own sockets to save on costs.

Can anyone recommend any good sites describing how best to wire for a home automation system I would like?


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Oh.. and I forgot to add that I would also like to integrate a security system/burglar alarm into this setup. Maybe including a couple of external web-cams on a motion activatoin system. I also want to be able to stream video around the house -ideally to have some sort of dedicated media server somewhere that can support more than one concurrent stream.

Add to this I definitely want the controller to be able to handle incoming phone calls, routing, recording, and classiying when necessary.

I guess I want it all ;) ... what would you suggest for someone starting afresh right now?

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Search the forum a little and you will see this question alot.

Best coice is

Elk M1G

and best of all they just lowered the price


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Jim wrote:


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Hi I use and highly recommend Homevision...Its a great reliable


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Have a look here for wiring tips
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HTH Frank

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Check this powerfull system T7 from NSeven. It answer all of your doubts.

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