Vintage home automation people

i'm into home automation, but I also collect vintage computers.

I have aquired x10 software and interface for my 1981 radioshack trs-80 color computer.

did anyone use that back then? just curious about the history....

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Anthony R. Gold

Yes, but the clock was a free running oscillator that didn't keep good time better than a few minutes per day. It was almost useless for automatic timers.

I never saw any software that would run under OS-9, just the cartridge unit and I believe it used the bit-banger serial port.

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Each home or may it be industrial establishments are equipped with devices that of a common use. These are the everyday necessity that we depend on living at our homes.

Since that technology conquered today?s world, the old days and old ways are now given new evolution with ease and sophistication in usage. Functions that is what we call ?Automation?.

Question is that, is every home equipped with Automation? Or is it necessary to set up Automation or why does every home needs it?

Consistently the word ?Automation?, ?Home Automation?, ?Smart Home? or ?Intelligent Homes? everytime is mentioned gives out the impression of exaggeration, luxurious desires or as show-off for their homes, though unlikely and in wise terms this is a simplification of the basic or so common functions around the house.

Automation is when we control these functions from only one station or source, as to close the light, close or adjust AC temperature or check on who has rang the door bell or change the genre when you feel up on the mood for some fast music while perking up out in the garden or remotely close the drapes.

Another description to this term is controlling our home?s own senses. The Sight, The Hear and The Feel. This implicates that not only the human posses these qualities. While Home Automation is given the definition of remotely controlling devices, it is as well the management of executing the command of our daily routine or habits adopted to our households. When these senses are applied to each individuals routines around the houses this then is when we call a house ? Smart Home?.

In technical outview not only the concern of monitoring and controlling simplicity but in consideration of usage consumption is well taken care off. Utilities like the lighting are programmed to close at preferably

10 or 15 mins once area is left un-occupied. Air conditioning will automatically switch off when door is left open at any room. These are only some examples of the program execution to avoid extra un-necessary consumptions of electricity usages, one very important concerns by all households.

Advantages of Automation in Smart-HDL Terms:

1 - Full Monitoring and Control Functions at your fingertips

On Safety, Security, Entertainment, Comfort and Convenience.

2 - Saving Energy

Smart Electricity Consumption Management

3 - Return On Investment

Equipping and Incorporating Home with our S-Bus System

4 - Environmental Benefits

Global Green Awareness (CEA 2009 Best Green Product Mark Of Excellence Awardee) User Friendly Technology refers to as Smart Bus System

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