extending range of wireless net

I got a Linksys wireless router-G

Anyway, it's usable in the house, but a bit weak in parts of the back yard.

I've moved it to a "high point" in the house (a plant shelf about 9' off the floor), and that helped a bit.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to replace the antennas (there are two) on the router to help with the range, as the plant shelf is only a short term (and partial) fix.

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AZ Woody
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There are sets of antenna available to improve the coverage. Generally they offer 7db gain. I got a set at Radio Shack for $10 recently that really improved the signal. You will generally find a set by Linksys that cost about as much as a wireless router. The set I got was made by Gigaware.

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Dave Petrone

I stopped by Best Buy, and they had a Linksys "range extender" for $70. It looked like a repeater to me, as you just plugged it into the wall, and I figure it will also repeat the other 6 nets I see in the neighborhood! (why do people leave their wireless nets open anyway?) I only paid $45 for the router!

Do you happen to have the part number for the RatShack antennas? I'll look online, and see if I can get one (well, two) tomorrow! (the sales folks at RatShack seem to know nothing outside of cell phone plans and sat TV plans these days.....).


Dave Petr> There are sets of antenna available to improve the coverage. Generally they

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AZ Woody


I found the $10 RatShack antennas - bad news is they were "discontinued" last fall!, and while a few might be available, I'd have to drive to the other end of the state! (not really, but a good hour each way...)

But the sales guy I finally called said "but there's another replacement

- same 7db gain (the guy must have missed his "talk cell phones and sat TV only" training!)

They're $29, and I can pick them up (in stock) 5 minutes away, or spend a couple hours driving to get the $10 ones...

I got to wonder why Linksys (now really cisco) doesn't just include the better antennas! It might cost them $.01 cent more per unit.

Heck, I think back when a nic card cost $300 (3C501), so I guess I shouldn't complain about $19! :)

AZ Woody wrote:

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AZ Woody

Yea, the Linksys 7db gain antennas usually cost around $50, which is more than the router costs. I don't have the part number at RatShack, but they were on close out, so they might not be available everywhere. They were the Gigaware version. I believe that the Linksys ones were also on sale, about $20.

Yea, the Gigaware antenna is still on the web site at it's original price of $29.99


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Dave Petrone

With antennas (as in life) nothing is free.

An antenna with "gain" is simply a directional antenna. The RF pattern is changed in order to provide the gain.

The stock Linksys antennas are essentially omnidirectional. In order to get 7db gain RF coverage is removed from the areas above and below the antenna. This is fine as long as you are not trying to cover a basement below or a floor above the wireless unit.

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Lewis Gardner

Just an update...

I did stopped by RatShack, and picked up the 7db antennas.

They are omni-directional, and about 3x the length of the ones that came with the router.

They did make a big difference in range. Did a "walk-around" on the block, and I get a strong signal quite a way away!

Just to confirm my earlier statements, while I was at the checkout at RadShack, the guy did ask "so, who do you have as a cell phone provider? How about Sat TV?" :(

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