INSTEON Power Line Modem now available

An RS-232 Power Line Modem (PLM) for INSTEON ( part number 2412S) is now available from Smarthome. A USB version is expected to follow. The modem is dumber and simpler to communicate with than the PowerLinc Controller (PLC).

I 'suspect' that some developers (i.e., those unsuccessful in finishing and releasing code/firmware for the more complex PLC and Smarthome Device Manager --SDM) will switch to the PLM interface.

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SmartLabs release below:

Effective today, the Power Line Modem with a serial interface is now available for sale from Smarthome. expects to have their web page live in the next day or so for online ordering. In the mean time, you or your customers may order by calling into the Smarthome customer service center and ordering part number 2412S. The retail price is $59.99. We plan to have a USB version available in limited quanities during June. During the development phase of the product, we sent 179 sample modules to 42 different developers like you. We received more feedback and suggestions for this product than anything we had ever done going back to our first product development efforts over 10 years ago. We anticipate putting more focus on the Power Line Modem series of products and encouraging all new and existing third party developers to use PLM. To recap the differences between PLM and the current PowerLinc V2 Controller (PLC) series: " PLM does not have the ability to accept a download " PLM does not have an internal clock like PLC " The controller or host connected to PLM must remain on all the time " PLM 'speaks' a different language than the PLC so software made to work with the PLC will not directly work with PLM " SmartLabs' HouseLinc Desktop and Smarthome Timer software will NOT work with PLM " There is no Smarthome Device Manager (SDM) running on the computer to ease communications between it and the interface " There is no SALad download for the PLM like there is for the PLC " You, the developer, have more direct control of the PLM and greater responsibility to interpret PLM's messages to your application. " The circuitry between the two is nearly identical, but we have disabled the circuit that sometimes causes the PLC to overheat and distort the plastic case " Supports Insteon Extended messages " Uses simple RS-232 commands so anything with a programmable serial port could be set up to easily send Insteon commands (HAI panels, Stargate, Homevision, RCS controllers) " PLM now has increased reliability We realize many developers were just waiting for the release of the product before flipping on the switch to support PLM. The product is now live and released.

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