Eaton's Mass Market HA (Zigbee) system

I wonder what price points are involved? I could see making use of the power sensor if it can sense devices that aren't just high-power consumers like irons or coffee makers. It'd be a handy way to tell if the TV is on or not, for integration with a home theatre and lighting setup. As in, it's

3am and the TV's still on, or it's 3pm and the TV's on but they kids aren't supposed to be watching it...

But like anything else, if it's not reasonably inexpensive it's not going anywhere. The market wants pricing like X10 but will not put up with its complete lack of reliability.

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Eaton's Mass Market HA (Zigbee) system

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Supposedly shipping this summer. This may be more akin to what most folks want in a HA system than anything that has been previously marketed.

Marc Marc_F_Hult

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I would suggest that x10 does not have a "complete lack of reliability". It wouldn't have survived it is was, even at it's low price point. It's error rate would be unreasonable on an expensive system, but enough people feel that it is reasonable at it's price.

I'm curious what the market is for the Eaton system. It senses a number of things but does not indicate that it can control ANYTHING nor interface with anything that can do control.

We will need to wait see what it can sense, but I don't see a need to tell if the TV is on. How many people use an iron a significant amount. Letting coffee makers sit on and coming back to coffee that was cooked dry and burned was probably more common but newer coffee makers will shut themselves off before it gets that bad.

All I can see it for is a very low level "security" system. One of the perimeter switches changes, and it dials your cell phone.

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B Fuhrmann

Complete? No, nothing's complete about X10. Certainly not it's reliability or robustness. But hey, I'm just going with experience and being fed up with it. I'm really tolerant of gadget oddities but X10's just crap.

Yeah, it doesn't look like control is what they're after. Given that zigbee's supposed to be the next big standard in automation, devices from other vendors should be compatible (or at least not conflicting)

Everyone has different needs. I'm not one to leave the iron on and my coffee maker already handle turning itself off. But being able to have something sense local power state change and trigger other activities would certainly be handy. Turn on the TV in a room with lots of late-day glare and have the blinds automagically adjust. If it's triggered by the TV itself drawing current then it eliminates having to play the usual guessing games with remote controls and power on IR commands.

And I'm sure lots of folks would like it just for that. Not me, but hey...

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