DSL and a home security system?

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Just had another thought. I have a security system that when tripped calls back to the alarm company. I spoke with a tech at the alarm company this morning. He said that once I get DSL installed, I should trip the system. If it reports back, then I'll be okay but if not, he would send me a special filter.

This seemed like a good plan; However, he then indicated that sometimes, even if the system is able to report back, since it is unfiltered, it can cause problems with DSL performance. is this the case? Will the alarm system cause interference even when it isn't actively using the phone? If so, then it would seem that my best bet would be to ask him to send the filter even if things appear to be working fine?

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Every device* (including alarm systems), attached to the same phone line/number as the DSL, must have a filter on it. Be glad you have a nice alarm company, some charge $100 and up to install a DSL filter on the alarm system.

*a sampling of devices: fax machines external ringers (good luck, these are often hardwired) alarm systems (almost always hardwired: "requires a special filter provided by your alarm company") caller id boxes answering machines dial-up modems credit card readers some satellite boxes a few cable boxes and the extension out in the garage

I haven't run across the issue, but lamp ringers and TDY devices likely also need filters.

Would you guys care to add to the list?

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An alarm box doesn't need anything on a POTS line that would require it to have unfiltered access. You should put it behind a filter.

What most alarm boxes are designed to do is have first access to the phone line. This so they can cut off any existing phone calls to make immediate calls to the reporting system. This would not be affected by being behind a DSL filter.

Put it behind a DSL filter and be done with it.

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