DSL and telephone now with low audio

With my new DSL internet service, I installed the microfilters provided for my phones. The internet is working just fine. However, a Sanyo cordless phone now has low audio. I tried 3 filters in line and very little improvement. I installed 2 filters but back to back i.e. the 2 filters are connected together using the ports that should normally go to the phone. Then the 2 pig-tails on the filters are connected, one to the LINE and the other to the phone. This gave some improvement - useable. I"m trying to understand why the low audio.

My other 2 phones (one a REAL phone with transformer, ringer, and no electronics) work just fine.

Some ideas is that the simple electronic transformer core is saturated (higher line current) but I don't know if the DSL signal is adding more current. Or something to do with the impedance matching. Might a more expensive microfilter do the job? If I'm going to spend $15 on a filter, I might as well buy a new phone.

When I disconnect the DSL modem, the audio goes back to normal.

Internet service and modem is from Sympatico.ca (Ontario, Canada).

Any suggestions?

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Mr. Robinson
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The filters are ment to protect the DSL from the phone. Are you sure you have the phone connected in the right site? I know it should not work the other way, but I had one that did, cost me a service call. I have cordless phone and have not noticed any problems with low volume. Have you called the phone company, moved the cordless phone to another jack?

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Steven Lichter

Only one filter is necessary per single or multiple endpoints.

Sometimes the DSL filter is installed by the telephone man inside the NID (the grey box on the outside wall and two pairs are brought inside the house. Any and all endpoints (telephones, faxes, etc) are on the first pair and only the single DSL modem is on the second pair.

For self installs, they obviously don't want you opening up the NID; so they send you several filters that you install ahead of each phone as the DSL single is appears on all your phone jacks.

Installing more than one filter ahead of each phone servers no purpose, and could even reduce the volume on the call.

Not installing a filter won't hurt anything per se, but on some installs you may get a loud hiss on the phone or it can cause a momentary data glitch on the DSL signal when you use the phone.

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